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All accepted and presented papers will be uploaded in IEEE Xplore. All accepted and presented papers are eligible for further submission to the IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Industrial Electronics (JESTIE) as Post Conference papers. Accepted post conference papers from ONCON2022 are expected to be published either in July 2023 or Oct 2023 issue of JESTIE ( Authors need to submit the modified and upgraded manuscript to the journal latest by March 31, 2023.

General information to upgrade conference papers into journal papers:

  • For conference paper to be considered for a journal publication it must have at least 40% new content reflecting new data, experimental results, analysis, conclusions, etc. They are expected to comply with the IEEE policy regarding plagiarism. While ONCON2022 papers can be up to six pages, the journal paper can be up to ten pages. Details of the page length for JESTIE are available at:

  • Authors are requested to attach the conference paper to their submission, so that reviewers have it at hand and can easily compare the two papers.

The relevant IEEE policy on post-conference publications in journals can be found in the IEEE Publication Service and Product Board (PSPB) Manual, which is available online at:

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