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ONCON2022 Best Paper Prize

ONCON2022 will prize one paper that will be decided by the Chair of the Prize committee in discussion with the Prize committee members. The details of the prize follow:

Title: IEEE IES President’s Selection: ONCON2022 Best Paper Prize
Prize Value: USD1000

Selection Process: Top 10% of the accepted papers are invited to submit a maximum 10 slides and 3 mins video along with the final version of the six page manuscript, demonstrating the novelty and completeness of the work. Note that Experimental Verification of the proposed concept is mandatory. In the video authors need to show as clearly as possible that the experimental setup is working to confirm the novelty. 10 slides should be arranged as:

Slide-1: Introduction, Slides 2 and 3: Literature Survey, Slides-4: Identify the objective of the work and clearly state Novelty, Slides-5: Proposed system configuration, Slides-6 and 7, Analysis and Simulation Results, Slides-8: Experimental results, Slides-9: Conclusion, Slides-19: References.

Once the Power Point Slides and Videos are evaluated, the authors of top three papers will be asked to make a 15 mins on-line presentation. The prize will be given to the best of these three papers.

Conflict of Interest: Authors having co-author with any of the General Chairs OR Technical Program Chairs OR Track Chairs are not eligible to contest.

Announcement of the result: December 11, 2022

Top 10% papers are listed here:

ONCON22-000127Electronic System on Chip and Embedded Control
ONCON22-000114Control, Robotics, and Mechatronics
ONCON22-000237Power Electronics & Energy Conversion
ONCON22-000103Electrical Energy Storage Systems
ONCON22-000261Emerging Trends in Industrial Motor Drives and Controls
ONCON22-000034Renewable Energy Generation and Harvesting
ONCON22-000072Signal and Image Processing and Computational Intelligence
ONCON22-000232Emerging Trends in Industrial Motor Drives and Controls
ONCON22-000179Power Electronics & Energy Conversion
ONCON22-000287Power Electronics & Energy Conversion
ONCON22-000240Electric Transportation
ONCON22-000259Emerging Trends in Industrial Motor Drives and Controls
ONCON22-000198Power Electronics & Energy Conversion
ONCON22-000146Control, Robotics, and Mechatronics
ONCON22-000217Electrical Machines and Drives
ONCON22-000171Power Systems and Smart Grid
ONCON22-000255Renewable Energy Generation and Harvesting
ONCON22-000031Electrical Machines and Drives
ONCON22-000194Power Electronics & Energy Conversion
ONCON22-000275Power Systems and Smart Grid

Note: Any paper having any co-author who is a General Chair/Technical Program Chair/Track Chair is NOT eligible. For papers from Special Sessions, if the SS Organizer is one of the co-authors, the paper is not eligible for the prize.

Prize Committee:

Honorary Chair: Prof. Valery Vyatkin, Vice President, Technical Activities, IEEE Industrial Electronics Society

Chair: Sheldon Williamson, Professor, Canada Research Chair in Electric Energy Storage Systems for Transportation Electrification, Ontario Tech University, Canada.

Members: Chairs or their representative from the TCs from which the papers are selected.

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