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HOPE Prize

Help Others ProgrammE (HOPE) is a unique program to promote and appreciate humanitarian activities through IEEE IES. The motivation is to use electricity to help mankind (particularly deprived and/or electricity-less population around the globe). The scope is anything involving industrial electronics & informatics. One example may be to promote solar PV to empower developing and under developed nations.

A team (consisting of one to five persons) needs to submit first a 10 slides PPT by the deadline.

After preliminary screening top 10 teams will be asked to send 5 mins video of the activities they would like to highlight.

Out of 10 teams 3 top teams will be called for a 30 mins on-line presentation. One top team will finally be selected for the prize.

Deadline for submission of 10 slides PPT: September 30, 2022 October 15, 2022

For any question you may write to

Submit your slides by email to

Hope Prize Chairs:

Morgan Kiani, USA
Armando W. Colombo, Germany
Nihal Kularatna, New Zealand
Antonio Luque, Spain
Sumit K. Chattopadhyay, India

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