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Conference Proceedings

Welcome to the first and inaugural version of IEEE Industrial Electronics Society Annual On-Line Conference (ONCON)! ONCON-2022 will be held during December 9-11, 2022.

This conference is fully on-line. When the world is trying to get back to physical and offline activities, IEEE IES has decided to keep one online annual conference active. Therefore, we are starting this new series.

Online conferences have their merits. Authors need not look for VISA application/clearances, spend for travel and other expenses and save time too.

While you have a complete flavor of a full IEEE event, the registration fee is kept marginal. ONCON will be having expert talks from global Leaders, Tutorials, Technical Committee Activities and lots of student activities.

Please stay in touch and do not miss attending this unique event.

Best regards,
ONCON-2022 Team,
IEEE Industrial Electronics Society

Major Conference Activities

  • Regular papers (similar to other conferences like IECON, ISIE etc.)
  • Recognition for Outstanding PhD Thesis
  • Student's Outstanding paper Competition
  • WIE Activities
  • Membership Promotion Activities
  • Technical Committee Promotion
  • Help Others ProgrammE (HOPE)

Latest Announcements

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