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Best Ph.D Thesis Prize

Fresh PhD holders who have defended their theses during 1st Jan 2021 to September 30, 2022 October 15, 2022 will be considered. The scope of the thesis-work is Industrial Electronics (check the TIE-scope at and Industrial Informatics (check the TII-scope at: ).

Candidates are required to submit a 3 mins video of their work along with a 10 slides PPT highlighting the Novelty and Usefulness of the research. After preliminary screening top 10 candidates will be asked to send 5 mins video of the activities they would like to highlight.

Out of 10 candidates, 3 top candidates will be called for a 30 mins on-line presentation. The best candidate will finally be selected for the prize.

Deadline for submission of 3 mins video and 10 slides PPT: September 30, 2022 October 15, 2022 For any question you may write to

Submit your slides & video by email to

Best Ph.D Thesis Prize Chairs

Marcian Cirstea, UK
Luis Gomes, Portugal
Yousef Ibrahim, Australia
Leila Parsa, USA
Ritesh Keshri, India

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